Friday, December 31, 2010

A Greeting b/w An Insight Into Our Recording Process

New Year's Eve?! ALREADY?!?!

Well, MotherLovers, this is our first blog and we'd just like let you all know how busy/productive we've been as we've bounded closer to this New Year.

For starters: We've converted our downstairs rehearsal space/lair into a full-blown, DIY recording studio.

The egg crates have been a painstaking ordeal. (We still have quite a few to hang...)

And the lovely Anthony Harrison displays his station:

And for those of you that have heard the tracks we posted over at our Reverbnation profile, we recorded our drum kit with one microphone. ONE MICROPHONE.

And, yes, we have a makeshift vocal booth:
I guess that about wraps it up for now...

Stay tuned for more updates! To tide you over, here's a clip of Anthony recording his rhythm track for our song "Sara":

Happy New Year!

~Tristan Yonce
The Animal Mothers

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